Self interest threatens Project Restart - sport opinion

Dean Cox in action during his Reds' daysDean Cox in action during his Reds' days
Dean Cox in action during his Reds' days | jpimedia
I earlier expressed my concern about the lack of unity shown between clubs in their common struggle against the threat of the coronavirus.

This has not changed but is being spotlighted by the lack of leadership by the FA and the EFL. They need to get off their backsides and make some rulings.

As the game of football is decided by competition on the field of play it is natural that the stance of clubs and their supporters should also be competitive. It is true that the current situation has resulted in great acts of kindness and behaviour that goes beyond simple bonhomie but the saving of the season administratively needs co-operation all round.

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That is sadly lacking from clubs and administrators.

Some clubs are hiding behind the fear factor whilst Covid-19 remains present, if not exactly rampant anymore, but actually it is a matter of self interest. I don’t adopt a holier than thou attitude simply because Crawley Town have the safety of a midtable position as I recognise that competition is the nub of the whole business.

Clubs have to make their own decisions as to whether they strive in their personal interests or act in support of the greater good. Now it’s time I stopped sitting on the fence and state that I think all clubs should adopt the latter course.

Because of the dilemma that leaves some clubs with I also say that the EFL must take the possibly divisive steps of giving the clubs chapter and verse on how to finish the suspended season.

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I suspect we know why they continue to vacillate and that is the threat of some of the bigger Championship clubs, led by Leeds United, vaunting a breakaway to form Premier League Two. The EFL are now running scared.

The idea of completing the season by awarding points per game has upset Peterborough United and Tranmere Rovers the most because it would cost the Posh their place in the play offs whilst Rovers would see a return to League Two. We can all understand and sympathise with their position but, as on the field of play, there are always winners and losers so they should get on with it and try to improve their situations in the next campaign.

This is where leadership from officialdom is needed and it is virtually non-existent.

I have been disappointed with the club’s reticence to keep in touch with their supporters via the official website. That would enable them to clarify the social media discussion concerning the appointment of Dean Cox as Academy manager. Whether or not it was proposed, accepted or rejected the overture apparently is not going to progress.

The great opportunity to use the website as a fans discussion forum has been wasted.