United/Parker scheme meeting

A meeting is being held for up-and-coming young footballers to express an interest in joining an exciting proposed academy scheme.

Hastings United Football Club is considering introducing an Education Scholarship Scheme in partnership with Parkwood 6th form College.

Any people who haven’t yet been in contact and are interested in getting involved are welcome to attend the meeting at The Pilot Field clubhouse on Friday November 4 from 8pm.

Anyone interested in finding out more information should email their contact details and a brief précis of their football and educational background to David Nessling at [email protected]

The scheme, which could start from September 2012, would offer opportunities for post 16 students to pursue both their academic and football interests side by side.

The students would train at the sports college, which has fostered a number of professional footballers, under coaches provided by the club and the college, and represent United’s under-18 team as well as the college.

The coaching would also provide opportunities for students to gain coaching and leadership qualifications in football. The academic courses would be selected from those offered in the Parkwood 6th form.