'You can’t have a team full of footballers without any leaders or characters' - Worthing boss Hinshelwood on his squad

Worthing boss Adam Hinshelwood believes his squad is full of ‘of similar type of characters and players’.

Adam Hinshelwood
Adam Hinshelwood

But the boss does not see it as a good thing and said ‘it does not bode well for a successful team’.

Hinshelwood was speaking after his side’s 4-3 defeat at Leatherhead – their first away defeat since August, 2019 – and he could only find one positive.

He said: “No injuries. That’s about the only positive you can take from last night’s game. Other than that, there was not much to be cheery about.

“It was obviously disappointing after taking the lead quite late on. We were able to fight back to get 3-2 up. We didn’t quite have the nous and resolve needed to get the three points.”

Hinshelwood has brought in a new signing – former player Luca Cocoracchio – but he wants more and something a bit different.

He said: “Luca’s another player who has got potential. We have got a lot of them.

“We need players that are going to do it here and now so hopefully he’s going to be one of those. He’s very similar [to the players we have].

“That was part of our problem last night. Comfortable on the ball and can only play a certain type of football.

“We need to get the balance right and that’s what we will be looking to do for Saturday. You can’t have a team full of footballers without any leaders or characters around the pitch and personalities.

“I think we’ve got that at the moment. We need to get a few players that can play a certain type of football, that’s what we’re looking to do. It’s needed (more signings).

“We have a squad full of similar type of characters and players. It doesn’t bode well for a successful team. We need a few more players that are different from what we’ve got.”

At certain levels, fans are still not allowed in stadiums and Hinshelwood cannot understand it.

He said: “Sport has to host spectators, how that’s not happening at the moment is beyond me.

“You can get 200 people in a supermarket, indoors, which is currently a worse place to be but you can’t get 200 people socailly distanced in a stadium. I find it staggering and common sense has got to prevail sooner or later.”