A weekend of cycling up brutal hills... and then up more hills...

The time trialling season is somewhat perverse as it bookends its hardest events at the beginning and end of the calendar.

The year kicked off with the tough hilly hardriders events and finishes with a series of demanding hill climb rides.

Hill climbing is somewhat a specialised event; generally it favours the lighter framed rider, as power to weight ratios is king in the battle with gravity. The short local hill climbing season kicked off with the SCA event at Stenying. Riders have to contend with the formidable climb up Stenying Bostal, a brutal ascent which sees gradients pushing 20 per cent in places. The damp cool day made for tricky conditions but did not seem to hamper specialised hill climber Pete Tadros, who powered to victory in a stunning time of 4:06.3. Hard on his heels was Lewes junior Dan Gardner, who gained a magnificent second in a time of 4:34.9. Yuriy Tymchenko (5:14.0) and Mark Paton (5:21.1) joined Dan to pull off a stunning team victory for the LWCC. The following day three Lewes pairings joined up to take part in the Grand Prix des Gentlemen, splendidly organised by’ Graham Jeffs. The rules of the event dictate that a designated rider must ‘tow’ another around the course; the second rider only allowed to overtake his partner in the final 200 yards of the circuit. The second rider must be a veteran.

Due to the extensive roadworks at Golden Cross, the original Laughton circuit had to be scrapped and the event switched to testing Danehill. A bright crisp morning made for ideal racing conditions, as riders set off at breakneck speeds to Sheffield Park, before payback around Chailey and Nutley. Brothers Conall and Christian Yates retained their title with a plus 5:43, with strong Lewes pairing of Nick Dwyer and Mark Paton second with a plus 4:30. Strong climber Peter Baker towed your correspondent round to give us 4th place on Standard with a plus of 0:28. Father and son duo Doug and Dan Gardner saw the Lewes teams home with a standard of -8:08.