Another batch of youngsters take first junior banger steps

Jack Anscome leads through the pit bend
Jack Anscome leads through the pit bend

Wednesday night at Arlington saw another batch of young drivers take their first steps in the new formula of Junior Bangers. At The Dreamers stable in Hailsham team captain Steve Anscombe is on the tools nurturing his son Jack in the Junior Bangers.

Meanwhile, down in Newhaven, The Bears have their own family connections extending their reputation.

Nigel Riley is personally overseeing the development of another grandson, 13-year-old Josh Spokes. To harness Josh’s enthusiasm for all things cars, Riley has taken the young lad under his wing, having him help out in the yard after school and in the holidays to help pay for his desire to race.

On his debut the assembled crowd could only be impressed at his performance.

Indeed, only mechanical failure prevented Josh from making a winning start to his career on the tight oval track.

In race one Anscombe came home fifth, whilst in his first ever Arlington race, Josh was a marvellous fourth.

The second race saw things even tighter. From the start Josh was on a flyer, chasing down the leading 750 car of a visiting more experienced driver. For three laps the young Bear pursued the leader, nibbling at his rear panel on every lap. Just as our young hero was about to pass into the lead himself, his Nissan Micra developed an electrical fault with the fuel system bringing him to an abrupt halt on the back straight.

Anscombe also failed to finish having been spun out on the pit bend.

Still with mechanical problems hindering his progress, Josh in the Bears colours or red, blue and white was determined to get back out on track for the final. There he was joined by Anscombe

Anscombe again had the bad luck to be spun out by a visiting driver. Josh took up the challenge going after the early leader. In a very robust race he did well to cross the line at all after being nudged and bumped around the tight bends.

At the chequered flag debutant Josh finished in sixth.

All in all, this was a very promising start for the formula at Arlington, showcasing some great talent already available. Over the coming weeks it is hoped that the formula can be developed in to a full formula in Sussex.