Another good week as first PDC event of my year nears

Another good week on the board... long may it continue! I’ve had to lay off the practice a bit of late, there has been too much other stuff going on.

But I think easing up on the practice has probably helped me get the hunger back for the game. You can over-practice I believe, and leading up to Q School this year, I was on the board whenever I could be.

Recently my practice has been done on match nights instead, either having a throw with my team-mates or just having a quick throw before my games. I still have the odd half an hour here and there at home, but my performances this week have shown that I’m hitting some good form again.

Just in time too, it is my first real PDC competition this weekend, the UK Open qualifiers at Crawley.

Last Wednesday, our Brighton Hikers were at home to Hailsham. My moaning about being on last each week had the desired effect too, as I was drawn out second.

I had a quick practice, and then straight into the match. I opened up with a 59, followed by four scores of 60 on the trot, all on the wire of the trebles... That was a bit annoying, but then I hit a 180, and checked out 22.

Second leg, I hit three consecutive 140s, and then checked out again. In the third leg I hit a further two 140s and sealed a 3-0 win. I was happy with a near 28 average, and the team went on to win 6-3.

On Friday, our Team Wheel had a good win against The Brewers in the semi final of the Seamer Cup.

My own match was another one full of high scores, and almost a 138 finish, but I wired the double 9.

I’ve got to hold my hands up to having a bit of fun on Facebook during the evening, I saw the result in the other semi final, and decided to tell them that we lost due to Captain Sheebo bottling the match and causing us to lose.

I think the term hook, line and sinker is appropriate, but

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