Athletics News with the Seaford Striders

TWENTY Seaford Striders took part in one of the tougher events in the Sussex Grand Racing Grand Prix, the Lewes Downland 10 miles.

First home for the club was Geoff Gray, coming back into good form with a time of 1 hour, 11 minutes and 11 seconds.First lady for the club was Natasha Swan, also with a good time of 1 hour 16 mins 49 secs.

Other times were: Phil Carr 1.12.29, Clifford Evans 1.16.25, Gary Lee 1.19.36, Phil Robinson 1.19.53, Adrian Campbell 1.24.24, Natalie McCreath 1.27.09, Stuart Batchelor 1.27.09, Claire Bulger 1.29.57, Kevin Ives 1.30.39, Robyn Delivett 1.40.08, Rob Webber 1.40.10, Jackie Webber 1.47.41, Bob Ward 1.47.21, Ian Walker 1.47.46, Janyce Danielczyk 1.53.05, Tom Roper 2.00.03, Richard Kimber 2.01.20, Martin Bulger 2.02.03.

Sixteen Seaford Striders took part in the Barns Green Half Marathon, with Phil Carr leading them home in a very good time of 1hr 23min 17sec. First lady Strider was again Natasha Swan in 1hr 35min 52sec.

Other times: Vanaka Graham 1.25.02, Dave Dunstall 1.26.14, Cliff Evans 1.30.01, Colin Hannant 1.30.03, Michael Martin 1.34.07, Gary Lee 1.35.57, Phil Robinson 1.37.15, Jamie Sier 1.48.17, Robyn Delivett 1.52.31, Ian Walker 2.03.40, Jason Harris 2.03.55, Jackie Webber 2.05.52, Rob Webber 2.05.52, and Anne Flaville 2.14.27.

The Crowborough 10k was moved forward this year to November 6 after having been moved twice last year due to very bad snow.

First home for the club was Vanaka Graham with a very good time of 38min 43sec. First lady for the club was, yes, you guessed it, Natasha, also having a very good run in 43 min 10 sec.

Other times were: Phil Carr 39.30, Cliff Evans 40.05, Dave Dunstall 40.10, Gary Lee 42.50, Gary Hatcher 43.12, Sue Fry 43.36, Adrian Campbell 43 52, Liz Lumber 45.54, Natalie McCreath 47.45, Diane Fletcher 48.33, Stuart Batchelor 50.28, Clair Bulger 51.45, Chris Le Beau 51.56, Bob Ward 52.17, Ian Walker 53.53, Jackie Webber 55.23, Karen Clinton 55.26, Tom Roper 61.32, and Richard Kimber 62.12.

Last event of the Sussex Road Racing season was the Brighton 10k with a large field of more than 2,000 runners. First home for the club was Ryan Stewart with a good time of 38min 14sec.

First lady for the club was Natalie McCreath with a good run in 46.45.

Other times were: Richard Honeyman 45.56, Rob Webber 48.00, Jackie Webber 49.58, Sue Garner 50.00, Robyn Devilett 50.29, Karen Clinton 53.29, Tom Roper 58.03, Zoe King 58.08, and Richard Kimber 64.20.