ATHLETICS; Seaford Striders latest

TWENTY-FIVE Seaford Striders ran the Eastbourne Half Marathon in poor wet and cold conditions.

But times were nevertheless reasonable for the conditions. Phil Carr came in first for the Striders in 1:26:16 and lady Claire Bulger in 1:49:01. Michelle Dobson ran for the Striders after a lengthy absence in 2:02:08. Other results were: Ryan Stewart 1:27:25, Cliff Evans 1:27:47, Chris Piper 1:30:55, Jacob Miles 1:31:42, Colin Hannant 1:33:24, Phil Robinson 1:37:50, Richard Honeyman 1:46:32, Kevin Fuller 1:47:31, Sue Garner 1:51:06, Chris Le Beau 1:52:51, Bob Ward 1:54:30, Becky Breen 1:57:08, Rob Webber 1:58:43, Jackie Webber 2:03:24, Natalie McCreath 2:06:16, Zoe King 2:08:45, Tom Roper 2:13:33, Vicky Wheeler 2:17:49, Richard Kimber 2:19:21, Phil Dray 2:32:50, Michelle Whatford 2:56:22, Beverley Attridge 2:58:22. Meanwhile, Matt Eade (1:41:42), Gary Lee (1:45:42), Gary Hatcher (1:49:33) and Adrian Campbell (1:53:23) completed the Steyning Stinger Half Marathon in equally poor condition which was an off-road train race.

Times are indicated. On February 26, three Striders ran the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon. On a brilliant day, Natasha Swan was first for Seaford in 1:34:34. Neil Bradford (1:48:39) and Bill Sholl (2:14:12) also ran in conditions perfect for running.

Dame Kelly Holmes presents the medals for those under two hours at this particular race, and it is always an honour to receive a medal from a double Olympic gold medalist.