Banger racing in the blood for Dreamers’ Anscombes

Jack Anscombe
Jack Anscombe

Banger car racing seems to be in the Anscombe family blood as latest addition 11-year-old Abbie looks set to be the third member of the clan to enter the racing world.

The Dreamers boast three Anscombes in the form of captain Steve, 15-year-old young gun Jack and now Abbie, who is taking her first steps as a junior racer.

Jack the son of Dreamers team captain Steve ‘Cecil’ Anscombe has proven to be a typical chip off the old block, as he continues in his fledgling motor sport career around the country’s oval raceways.

Jack looks to have the banger racing world at his feet at the tender age of 15, and 2015 is set to be an exciting season for the young racer.

Just like his father, yes he likes to use his straight line speed to actually win Banger racers, but when required he is not afraid to put in the bumper and cause havoc and chaos for his rivals.

Last Saturday night at the Birmingham Wheels Raceway in the Midlands, Jack was back in the groove for his first Spedeworth run of the season.

The Dreamers team have a theory that going fast means you get to stay out of the carnage behind you, which through the main team has served them well in this year’s Winter Banger League.

A win in the first heat, and then a close runner up in the second, Jack was then flying in the final. Up to third in quick time, he then had the misfortune for a drive shaft to break ending his night prematurely.

The young banger racer will be disappointed to have seen his night ended early, but will be confident of continuing his fine form on the track into the start of the Championship season.

This Sunday sees the Dreamers in action in the 2015 season opener which takes place in Adelershot from 1pm.

What was equally impressive out on track in the Junior Bangers formula was that Jack was not alone in the team’s colours, as significantly his younger sister, Abbie, who made her debut in the class.

Last year Abbie was burning up the track in her brightly coloured Ninja Kart, holding her own against an all-male grid.

In October having reached the maximum age threshold of 11, Abbie graduated from the entry level formula, which posed a dilemma for her parents. What to do next?

At this age, the next generation of racers have several options in the Junior formulas – Hot Rods, Stock cars or Bangers. Much to her mother’s dismay, guess which class a confident Abbie wished to enter? Yes the Bangers!

Mother to the Anscombe clan, Karen, can take solace, in the knowledge that there are strict safety restrictions that ensure that the children enjoy themselves as well as being safe.

Once Abbie mastered the gears and peddles, she showed a continual improvement in her speed. After all that’s how The Dreamers stay out of trouble.