Bears are hunting in packs

Ashley Riley launches into a rival
Ashley Riley launches into a rival

Sunday last week proved a very eventful day for the county’s Banger drivers as the Bears team from Newhaven travelled to the Yarmouth Stadium in Norfolk to compete in the sixth round of the ‘Unlimited’ class of Spedeworth’s Banger World Series.

With a strong team of four drivers led by team captain ‘Nutty’ Nigel Riley, the Bears found themselves in the thick of the action... just for a change! From the start, they went about their business of destroying the opposition wherever possible.

Current World Champion Jason ‘Boxer Jack’ Jackson was the object of their attentions.

Justin ‘Motormouth’ Riley went after the gold-roofed car first, slamming him into the post. As he left the scene with his victim still embroiled in the cabling, teammate Karl Day in his Volvo estate approached off the straight and also smashed in the Champion from Essex.

Fellow Bear, Ashley ‘Ace Ash’ Riley, then exceeded this ‘hit’ in ferocity when, in his Toyota Supra, he demolished the Volvo estate of Lewis Price.

With this thunderous performance, understandably Ashley took the evening’s entertainer award.

Brother Justin did not fare as well as he drew the attention of the race officials.

A penalty for an illegal hit meant his evening was over.

‘Nutty Nigel’ also had some fun as he turned his Cadillac around and drove in the opposite direction, hunting out a prey. Paul Russell was the unlucky driver, meeting Nigel in a head-on crash.

On the next corner, he was on the receiving end himself, as Alan Hunt took on the big yank car and well and truly planted it into a post. The force was so tremendous that it lifted Nigel’s ride off the ground. The resulting pile-up of 10 cars, including Boxer Jack, saw the track blocked.

More than a little unhappy at the treatment meted out to his father, Ashley spent the rest of the meeting on the attack, hitting everything in sight until his car suffered a mechanical problem.

Just another all-action night for The Bears!

Round Seven of the Banger World Series is at Hednesford in the Midlands, in two weeks’ time, with the final round at our very own Arlington Stadium on Wednesday July 31.