Beginners group at Uckfield Runners attracts an enormous amount of interest

The Uckfield Runners started a beginners group on Thursday February 7.

The group is aimed at non runners and beginners who are interested in starting running, whether with the aim of taking up running as a sport, just to get fitter, for the benefit of another sport or for any other reason.

The group is lead by Emma Hyland who recently completed the Run England leadership in running fitness course which is a course specifically aimed at beginners and non runners. This is part of an initiative by Run England to get more people into running.

The club was impressed by the level of interest received in advance of the start date and, expecting perhaps 20 runners, Emma sought volunteers from Uckfield Runners to assist. There was an incredible response of 41 beginners turning up at Freedom Leisure for the first night, along with six Uckfield Runners as helpers.

After an initial warm-up Emma and the helpers from the club took the group on a two-mile jog/walk, with the relative amounts of walking and jogging varying between different beginners in the group as appropriate for their current level of fitness. This was followed by a warm down and stretches led by Rachael and finally a round of applause for Emma.

Emma said: “When I got to the gym the girls on reception were beaming and brimming with excitement – they pointed to the chairs in the swimming pool viewing area, and there was a large group who were here for the beginner group, who were busy getting to know each other.

“Six Uckfield Runners had kindly came along as helpers. Then a few more arrived, then more... and then more!

“I was astonished – there were around 40, the majority were ladies but there were some men as well. The group all seemed to enjoy the session and planned to come back next week.”

The beginners group meets every Thursday at 7.30pm Freedom Leisure, Downsview Crescent, Uckfield, while the main group meets on Tuesday at 7pm, also at Freedom Leisure.

If you are interested in joining the beginners group or are already a runner and interested in joining the main group, please see for further details