Big vans deliver the goods at Arlington Stadium

Bears Captain Nigel Riley (Newhaven) launches into an opponent
Bears Captain Nigel Riley (Newhaven) launches into an opponent

Bank Holiday Monday sees the thrills and spills of stock car racing return at Arlington Stadium, Eastbourne, with ‘delays and chaos promised’ as the mighty Big Van National Bangers take to the raceway.

Spedeworth Motorsports May Day spectacular will be held at the stadium on Monday 5th May. The event promises something for everyone, with three very different formulas racing on the day.

Even ice cream vans come to race

Even ice cream vans come to race

The afternoon kicks off with a bang, courtesy of the Banger boys who headline the meeting with their annual Big Van event. They never fail to disappoint in entertaining the large assembled Bank Holiday crowd.

Drivers find their vans through the year, and build them with love ready in anticipation for the carnage they can deliver on the concrete oval in Eastbourne. You just never know what drivers will bring to a big van meeting; it can be anything from a high top transit to an ice cream van or even the odd ambulance!

The only certainty is that carnage will occur on a large scale as the vans, are given one last hurrah before the scrapyard as they compete around the small oval track.

The afternoon will end with the remaining vans that are still driveable, competing in a destruction derby, where the aim is simply to inflict as much damage as you can upon an opponent, and be the last van moving.

The contact racing action continues with the 1300cc Stock Cars who are racing at their first meeting at Arlington Stadium in 2014.

Their most recent outing at Aldershot was a little wet to put it very politely. Let’s hope the Sussex sun shines on them. Racing in their latest round of the Print 4 U championship, the very physical full contact formula of Stock Cars can always be relied upon to knock each other about, to provide the crowd with some extra entertainment.

The final formula on display will be Spedeworth’s oldest formula, Superstox. Over the years the cars have evolved dramatically while still preserving the essence of the original class. Superstox are a very fast, purpose-built single seater car with a 2 litre Ford engine. Again being a full contact formula, they are renowned for providing some of the most exciting racing you are likely to see around Arlington’s tight corners.

For those motor sport fans who fancy something a little different, Arlington’s Bank Holiday Spectacular is not to be missed!

Racing starts at 2pm and turnstiles open at 12.30pm.