Bloor: Lewes has potential to be third biggest club in Sussex

Lewes FC new management team
Lewes FC new management team

Danny Bloor believes Lewes has the potential to be the third biggest football club in Sussex.

He said said: “I’m absolutely delighted (to be joining the club).

“In my opinion it’s probably the third biggest club in Sussex.

“You take out Brighton and Hove Albion and you take out Crawley Town and for me Lewes should be the next biggest club in Sussex.

“As Garry said, we’ve got a big rebuilding job here but we’ve got lots of passion, lots of enthusiasm, we know probably the fans are the best non league fans in Sussex, so we hopefully can please them.

“It’s a big job but one we’re really looking forward to.”

On his departure from the Saffrons, he said: “It was a difficult decision but I actually felt I had taken Eastbourne Town as far as I can.

“Garry came in early into (Eastbourne Town) last season; we got them into their highest ever league position, their highest amount of points, so it was a good job done. We’ve left there on very good terms.

“David Jenkins is a friend of mine – and Garry’s – and we certainly wish Eastbourne Town well, but it’s a new chapter now and we look forward to coming to Lewes Football Club.”

Pictured: The new team at Lewes FC line up for the camera. They are (left to right): player-coach Matt Crabb, manager Garry Wilson, head coach Dean Lightwood and assistant boss Danny Bloor. Picture: Peter Cripps. L1324072