BOWLS Buxted Park save Newick’s bacon

A THUMPING Buxted Park victory over Hurstpierpoint on the last day of the season was enough to keep Newick in the top flight of th Mid Sussex Bowls League

AT Newick on the last league night of the season, Lindfield gave a display of fine precision bowling which left the weakened home team striving desperately for shots. Even when their take-out bowls came off there was usually another Lindfield player ready to draw the shot again.

Newick’s Norman Birch summed up the situation when he said: “The consolation is that the lesson in bowling came free.”

However, Hurstpierpoint – already eight points adrift at the bottom of the table – managed to win only one rink at home against Buxted Park and are therefore the team to be relegated. So Newick survive for another season in Division 1.

But Despite a good close win 8-2 away to Lindfield in the final game of the John Spriggs, Newick was already too far behind to improve their bottom place in the table. Haywards Heath, the team above them, collected six points to add to the eight points by which they were already ahead.

RESULTS: Newick 35 (0 points) Lindfield 63 (10 points): Janet Birch 10 Keith Holman 17, Des Foord 12 Dave Richardson 25, John Baker 13 Tom Palmer 21. Newick 103 Haywards Heath 77 (Wednesday, August 17): Maurice Awcock 22 Doreen Kingshott 13, Allen Lucas 29 Jim Clark 20, Keith Mellor 15 Jill Saunders 13, Derek Marshall 17 Tony Gasson 17, Tommy Towner 20 Derek Ayling 14. Nutley 58 Newick 43 (Saturday, August 20): Maurice Robertson 19 Des Foord 15, June Lambert 24 Keith Mellor 12, Tony Smith 15 Mary Lynch 15.

* TWENTY four teams from all over Mid-Sussex competed in Newick’s Centenary Triples on the Saturday of the previous week.

The three-end final was a close battle between Crowborough Wolfe and Uckfield.

When Uckfield’s skip, Di Hartley, came to bowl it was 2-1 to Crowborough. With her lady-like pink bowls Di immediately drew two shots so that when Peter Flint’s last wood for Crowborough went adrift she did not need to bowl her third.

Newick’s fight to stay in the top division of the Mid-Sussex league continued when they struggled to come away from Uckfield with just two points the week before last.

John Baker’s rink was up against Andy Corben leading in fine form. End after end he set up the head with pin-point accuracy. Peter Carter’s crew were always behind against Adrian Wainwright’s four. Only Janet Birch, with Margaret Smith, Julie Trimmer and Des Foord saved Newick from a complete whitewash.

In the John Spriggs match at home to Haywards Heath, only Colin Heasman’s rink managed to pick up a couple of points.

SCORES: Uckfield 57 (8 points) Newick 38 (2 points): Steve Perris 13 Janet Birch 15, Phil Soper 28 John Baker 12, Adrian Wainwright 16 Peter Carter 11. Newick 48 (2 points) Haywards Heath 58 (8 points): Colin Heasman 22 Terry Gasson 17, Howard Ainsley 15 Tim Heald 18, Maurice Awcock 11 Jim Clark 23. Wednesday August 10, Adastra 86 Newick 79: Fred Harrison 19 Margaret Smith 8, A Barton 15 Janet Birch 12, D Lantuff 20 Keith Mellor 21, D Reader 11 Jonathan Couper 15, G Farmer 21 Colin Heasman 23. Thursday August 11, Newick Ladies 47 Burg Hill Ladies 49: Margaret Smith 8 Angie O’Donnell 25, June Page 22 Jean Russell 13, Janet Birch 17 Karen Myles 11. Saturday August 12, Newick 81 Isle of Thorns 88: Janet Birch 20 Jean Lampard 23, Keith Mellor 22 Ken Peachey 21, Maurice Awcock 25 Ann Duncan 14, Derek Blundy 14 Bill Lampard 30.

Herstmonceux BC results. Horam & District Bowls League: Herstmonceux v Horam at Herstmonceux, Thursday, August 11: Herstmonceux 66 shots, Horam 58 shots: League points Herstmonceux 6, Horam 2: (Hx skips first) G Keeley 17 A Archer 16, R Tookey 15 T Frizzell 17, K Cottingham 23 F Kimber 9, T Everingham 11 P Garret 16. Horam & District Bowls League: Herstmonceux v Rotherfield at Herstmonceux, Sunday, August 14: Herstmonceux 93 shots, Rotherfield 53 shots : League points Herstmonceux 7, Rotherfield 1: (Hx skips first) D Southouse 26 D Holt 9, C Southouse 27 M Pattenden 9, K Cottingham 15 L Harris 22, G Keeley 25 R Lamport 13.

* UCKFIELD have now completed their Mid Sussex League Division One season and, despite suffering back-to-back defeats to the hands of Buxted Park, Lindfield and West Hoathly, they have accrued enough points and shots difference to finish in second place in the top flight, behind champions West Hoathly.

Uckfield are rightly proud of this achievement, considering that less than 10 years ago they languished in the depths of Division 5 of the Mid Sussex League.

LATEST CLUB RESULTS: Horam & District League: Horam 57 Uckfield 78: A Archer 9 A Corben 23; T Frizzell 19 P Daly 22; A Martin 21 P Soper 9; F Kimber 8 D Hartley 24. Uckfield 67 Deanland 55: B Stanley 21 G Bridger 17; D Hartley 21 B Wilson 6; P Daly 11 G Dunstall 17; D Bissett 14 M Jeffers 15.

Non-league matches: Uckfield 69 Buxted Park 65: R Gorringe 14 S Walter 23; L Soper 19 R Hemsley 9; P Rutherford 17 N Stokes 17; D Hartley 19 P Newton 16. Uckfield 67 St Francis 56: P Pidgeon 27 D Hook 3; P Soper 15 T Jarvis 14; P Daly 17 C Parks 20; L Soper 8 G Bannister 19. Burgess Hill 51 Uckfield 78: D Hartley 17 V Powell 15; D Bissett 13 W Robertson 13; M Sanders 26 L Hawkins 13; S Perris 22 B Rogers 10. Uckfield 38 Felbridge 56: D Hartley 10 T Harding 26; A Corben 12 K Gould 18; P McLellan 16 T Plater 12. Uckfield 100 Lewes 46: B Stroud 18 D Brown 13; B Stanley 21 P Pratt 17; R Gorringe 35 E Emringham 7; D Hartley 26 B Richards 9.

* A TEAM of Buxted Park ladies consisting of Betty Keating, Marie Dellar, Sue Cosham and Skip Sue Hanlon were in the semi-final of the Gladys Rowland Memorial Trophy which was held at Burgess Hill Bowls Club on Saturday before last

Their opponents were a team from Chichester and Buxted Park were ahead until the 18th end when they lost three shots and were unable to recover, losing the match by 20 shots to 21.