Bridgeview Brothers Jez and Simon keep the good news coming


Bridgeview Judo Club has made a superb start to the year, and two brothers have played their part in ensuring that the Christmas break did not slow things down.

Jez Fielding and his younger brother Simon both passed their first dan grade theory examination this week, having been thoroughly tested by an external examiner on all Judo techniques required to attain black belt. Both brothers passed with flying colours.

Jez Fielding has already accumulated sufficient competitive points and is now a first dan black belt judoka. His name will now appear on the British Judo Association official dan grade register. Younger brother Simon has yet to fight for his points, but that will be his target for 2013.

Bridgeview Judo Club now has 12 black belts currently registered, and has produced many more who have since moved on. This is an astonishing record for a local club running in the Malling Community Association hall.

It is just the latest great story to come out of the club in recent weeks – all reported in Sport Express. First we reported how young Eleanor Kearley-Whitmore had picked up her first ever competitive medal and last week we revealed that Simon Childs had gained the highest dan ever achieved in Sussex (sixth dan).