Bridgview Judo Club members make the grade

The junior grading participants at Lewes Bridgeview Judo Club
The junior grading participants at Lewes Bridgeview Judo Club

Bridgeview Judo Club kept the visiting examiners busy when fifteen junior and one senior player all successfully graded, creating a new club record for recent years.

In the red belt section, opening their judo accounts, Jocelyn Kearley, Max Butler-Cole, Zoe Lesage and Daniel Salter all secured first mon. Moving from first mon, Juno Butler-Cole achieved second mon whilst Sumi Head and Sofia Lesage double-graded to third mon.

Lia Head moved up from second to third mon, whilst Faith Jauncey-Moore went from third to fourth mon and deservedly earned her yellow belt.

In the yellow belt section, Niah Salmon and Olivia Akehurst rose from fifth to sixth mon, whilst Joseph Jauncey-Moore confidently went from sixth to seventh mon and won his orange belt.

In the orange belt category, Eleanor Kearley ignored a broken finger as she secured promotion from seventh to eighth mon, and Daniel Salmon and Jake Salmon both double-graded from seventh mon to ninth mon.

In the senior (over sixteen years of age) section, Faith Manton made it look easy as she took a step up the rankings with a rise from sixth kyu to fifth kyu.

The rankings decrease for adults as they progress towards first kyu, and then the black belt.

This was a great day for Bridgeview Judo Club, and excellent preparation for several of the junior players booked in to fight in the Christmas Competition next week.