Buxted Park take on Past Presidents

Buxted Park v Past Presidents
Buxted Park v Past Presidents

BUXTED Park Bowls Club hosted a match on Monday June 25 against Sussex County Bowls Association Past Presidents.

This annual fixture is always popular with nine Past Presidents playing. The result was a win for the Past Presidents by 100 shots to Buxted Park’s 76.

Rink results: B Wilkins 16, R Touhy 9; R Flowers 19, G Green 17; N Parrington 17, J Riddles 22; R Hensley 13, N Jobbins 20; K Long 11, J Barrah 32.

Pictured are the Buxted Park players and the Past Presidents.

NEWICK Bowls Club have knocked Adastra out of the Tom Frances Trophy. Their win came in the double-fours competition. Janet Birch’s four, playing at home, were behind on the fifth end against Mick George’s four. They then picked up seven in the next two ends and never looked back on their way to winning 24-15.

At Hassocks, Adastra’s four skipped by David Reader pulled away in the first few ends until Peter Carter and his four got the feel of the green and, on the 17th end, were leading 22-11. David Reader’s squad made it look a bit more respectable winning the next two ends and the Newick players squeezed a single out of the last end to finish winning 23-16. The Barwick Cup has been competed for annually by Newick and Barcombe Bowls Clubs for many years. This year it took the form of a triples competition with two rinks playing at each club. At Barcombe the home triple led by John Osmond outplayed Des Foord’s trio to win 23-11.

But David Newman was no match for Newick’s Peter Carter and his group who won 31-12. The honours were also shared at Newick where Tommy Towner’s triple outpaced Henry Bunney’s to give the home side a 20-8 win. On the other rink Derek Stewart’s squad stayed in front of Jonathan Couper’s to give Barcombe a win 23-13. Overall Newick retained the cup by nine shots.

RESULTS: MID-SUSSEX LEAGUE: Newick 38 (2 pts) Buxted Park 58 (8 pts): Colin Heasman 11, Steve Heitzman 24; Janet Birch 16, Neil Parrington 15; Peter Carter 11, Sue Walters 19). OTHER RESULTS: Crowborough Wolfe 81 Newick 94: R Whittaker 10, Jonathan Couper 17; Ali Atkinson 16, Colin Burrow 13; Peter Hounslow 16, Tommy Towner 10; B Houston 23, Margaret Smith 11; Ivan Atkinson 15, Maurice Awcock 16; R Jackson 14, Derek Blundy 14.

RESULTS for Herstmonceux Bowls Club (Ceux skips first). All Horam Bowls League.

Groombridge v Herstmonceux (June 17): Herstmonceux 74 shots, 5.5 points, Groombridge 72 shots, 1.5 points: T Everingham 17, K Brand 22; K Cottingham 18, Kev Brand 22; D Southouse 21, C Myres 10; C Southouse 18, B Aggater 18. Maresfield v Herstmonceux (June 23): Herstmonceux 57 shots, 1.5 points, Maresfield 69 shots, 6.5 points: T Everingham 11, T Quinn 20; K Cottingham 18, J Bailey 15; D Southouse 14, P Haley 20; C Southouse 14, E Gristlethwait 14. Herstmonceux v Uckfield (June 27): Herstmonceux 58 shots, 1 point, Uckfield 81 shots, 7 points: T Everingham 18, D Hartley 16; G McBurney 13, A Wainwright 21; D Southouse 12, D Brooks 25; C Southouse 15, A Corbett 19.

Mid Division Stoolball Results

Tuesday June 26: Barcombe 70/8 lost to Adastra 99/8: Jacquie Bowles (Ad) 6-34. Isfield 83 won against Plumpton 81. Wednesday, June 27: Wivelsfield 72 all out lost to Barcombe 127/4. Thursday June 28: Wivelsfield 177 won against Buxted Park 152: Sally Wiles (W) 89, Karen Sargent 52 no. Isfield 127/3 lost to Adastra 136/3: Ali Chambers (Is) 66 no, Tina Janman (Ad) 52.