Colin runs to event... to run!

Fourteen Lewes Athletics Club runners took part in the Lido 4 race at Worthing.

Looking for a four-mile dash the Lewes runners made their way to the town’s sea front on Sunday.

It is clearly a popular event as more than 500 runners from Sussex had the same thought. Whilst the sea front was somewhat congested there were some great runs by the Lewes runners. The best individual Lewes performance was by Sophie Southerden, who was 14th woman overall, finishing in 95th position in a time of 27min 23sec. First Lewes man was Pablo Iburguren in 41st in 25.18.

Claiming the prize for the most energetic and quirky approach to the competition must be Colin Bennett who not only ran from Lewes to Worthing to take part but also ended up the third Lewes runner in 71st position in a time of 26.41. After finishing it was a diet of chips and cake with the excuse is that he is in full marathon training!

Needless to say he received a lift back to Lewes.

Other performances were: Mat Homewood 59th (26.01); Andrew Chitty 83rd (27.01); Gustovo Iriate 116th (28.11); Simon Behrens 149th (29.18); Mick Acott 159th (29.36); John Coleman 172nd (29.59); Sarah Healy 174th (30.02); Carol Walters 189th (30.02); Clare Anstee (31.28); David Feintuck (31.50); and Bev Sheriden 315th (34.29).