Cool Colin is Lewes Wanderers’ Comeback Kid

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SEVEN members of the Lewes Wanderers Cycling Club headed out to Broadbridge Heath on Sunday to ride in the Southern Counties Cycling Union 25 mile event.

The course, though classified as hilly, is in reality flatter in nature than the title indicates.

The course traces an interesting route around Ockley, taking in some pleasant country roads as well as the more prosaic dual carriageway sections.

The breezy conditions and undulating course provided testing conditions on the day but did not prevent some fast times being set.

Overall winner was Jerone Walters of VC St. Raphael who made light of the conditions by storming around the course in a fast time of 54:13.

Top Lewes rider of the day was Peter Morris who, despite suffering from cramp in the later stages of the race, finished in eighth position with a splendid time of 57:04.

Peter’s early season form has been outstanding and if his exponential progress continues it will surely not be long before he is finishing regularly in the top three spots. Micky Turner continues to impress and notched up a fast time of 1:01:38.

Next Lewes rider home was the “comeback kid” Colin Harris. Colin, a talented rider who had disappeared from the local racing scene a year or so back made a surprise, but welcome, return to racing. His time of 1:01:44 after such a long lay-off was outstanding. Other Lewes riders to feature on the results board were: Neil Midgley (1:02:23), Michael Valks (1:03:21), Dominic Lowden (1:03:52) and Oliver Tuckley (1:05:27).

This weekend sees the running of the ESCA Two-up competition centred round Laughton. This thrilling race sees pairs of riders battling around the tough, but fast course, to be the fastest team home. Lewes is expected to have a strong starting line and will be striving to feature heavily on the awards board at the end of race.

More details of all club activities can be found at the club website