Dairy of a Darts Player with Andy Relf

Due to my catalogue of injuries not relenting at the moment, I’ve decided to lay off the darts a bit until the New Year.

The knee is taking longer to heal, and my latest problem with my jaw has proved to be really debilitating. I’m taking pills like I’m munching Smarties at the moment, so I’ve decided that I’m just playing Superleague and the Heathfield League at the moment.

Two nights of darts, with virtually no practice at all. Hopefully I’ll come back refreshed in 2013.

Last week I had a good win in Superleague, as did the team. We currently sit joint top, but need some really solid performances to push our rivals Hastings out of contention.

On Friday our Wheel side were contesting the Herbert Cup Final at the Horam Inn against the Runt in Tun.

With no disrespect to our opponents, we would normally expect to beat them, but this night it was just their night all of the way.

They played well, and ultimately finished their matches quickly, whilst we were struggling.

In my own game against Richard Harwood I really could not hit a treble. I had a shot at a 125 outshot, hit the bull first dart, then followed with 25, leaving another shot for the bull to win... I hit a second 25!

Up steps my opponent, he has 41 left, throws for a single 9 to leave 32, but misses the board! So then he goes to the bottom of the board, hits a single 3, and then checks out 38 with his last dart.

Not a conventional way of checking 41, but highly effective! We lost the match by 5 legs to 4. Well done to the Runt.

In the next couple of weeks I have the finals night of the Rileys Hastings Singles League, so I’ll have a report from that, hopefully telling of my triumph over the eight man field.