Diary of a Dart Player – Andy at the Red Dragon Eastbourne Open at the Winter Garden

Last Friday our team from The Wheel in Burwash recorded 12-0win … our second in succession, which has put us firmly out in front in our quest to become Heathfield League champions.

The victory was helped by the fact that our opponents only turned up with five players which was a shame, but at least we got some good practice time afterwards.

I was up early on Saturday to make the short journey to the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne for the Red Dragon Eastbourne Open.

I had a bit of a practice, and then spent some time chatting to various people that I’d not seen in a while.

My first two matches were relatively easy wins, and gave me some confidence for the next match. I won those two without my opponents having any shots at a double.

My third opponent was Ken Sowerby – a long standing Sussex County player.

I thought that this would be tougher than it was. Ken played well, but I was just feeling relaxed, and again won 3-0 without him shooting for a double.

My fourth round opponent was my Superleague team mate Rod Hawkins. Rod is a fantastic player and I knew that I’d be up against it in this one. I took the first leg, and had a solid second leg, but Rod took out 92 hitting a perfect bull finish. We both played well, but I missed the odd dart at doubles, and Rod took the win. He was knocked out in the next round by eventual winner Paul Hogan.

On the Sunday, my singles run was a bit short-lived, as I came up against an in form Dayle Smith. I had chances again, but lost the match 4 – 2. My mate and pairs partner Tony Cox fared better winning his first couple of rounds.

In the pairs we came up against PDC competition. We played Simon Burt and Peter Walford. They went 2 nil ahead, we drew level with a good finish from Coxy, then they steamed ahead in the deciding leg, I managed a 140, then with them having a shot to win I hit a 180 to leave Tony a shot at 4. He missed, they missed, I then missed, and they got it. We were out, but I was pretty pleased with how we played. We hung around and watched some more of the matches, where our other team mates from the Wheel were involved, then decided to call it a day.