Diary of a dart player: Barracking is deflating

Sometimes things happen when all is going well in your game that really deflates you.

I’ve been playing well of late, and my superleague results have proven that, but in our match last week the torrent of barracking our team, and in particular me, was getting was, how shall I put it, disappointing (that’s the printable description anyway).

We were hosting our near neighbours Brighton Rileys, and whilst there is always an acceptable level of banter floating around, I felt this time it was taken too far.

When you have the opposition bellowing “boom” at every shot your opponent makes whilst standing 4ft behind you, it does get to you, and even more so, “you’ll get him next throw” as you are starting your own throw.

Try letting your darts do the talking guys… that way you might not lose 6-3 next time.

And just in case you were wondering, I still won 3 -1 and despite the barracking from all around I had no problem with the behaviour of my opponent at all.

In the Hastings Rileys Singles League I had a very busy evening on Monday.

I had to play five matches equating to 30 legs of darts in three hours.

I won four matches, including a 4-2 win over Shayne Burgess, and lost one against an inspired and in-form Mick Evans, who also beat Adi Gray on the night too.

The standings as we head into the final stretch are Adi first, me second, and by Mick and Shayne next.

It’s tight: only one win between me and Adi, and we have yet to play each other.

Finally, congratulations to two of our friends from darts, Dan and Laura, who are getting married tomorrow.