Diary of a Dart Player by Andy Relf

Week six of the Sussex Superleague, and our Lewes side are sitting on the top of the East Division going in to the latest match, at The Newmarket in Brighton.

With Chelsea playing in the Europa League final on Wednesday also, I was eager to keep an eye on the match as well as the dartboard.

After a quick practice, the draw was done, and I was up first. My scoring was good throughout the match, but my finishing was slightly off... to the point where I threw 20 darts at doubles! Despite this I still managed a 3-1 win.

Our team stormed into a 5-0 lead, and won the match overall with a 7-2 scoreline.

Rod Hawkins was man of the match for us also.

We’ve got a good team spirit, and I think all of us agree that despite none of us playing anywhere near the top of our game, we are pulling together and getting the right result.

Sooner or later we will all get our acts together and play well, and for me that moment can’t come soon enough. With me being on first, I managed to watch most of the footy, and celebrated Chelsea’s win with a mineral water and lime.

The next evening I settled down to watch the Premier League Darts final, although my plans didn’t go quite to plan. Somehow I managed to injure my left shoulder whilst sat in the armchair! Friday saw me visiting Cathy at the Heathfield Osteopaths, in the hope that she might be able to put me back together again!

It was decided after some investigation that I had managed to dislocate my shoulder. With some careful manipulation there was a loud crack and it was back in place. This is still an ongoing issue as I write, as the nerves are giving me some problems at the moment.

The weather needs to warm up though, as I have to ice it a lot at the moment. I’d like to thank Cathy for seeing me so quickly and getting me back on the road to recovery.

Thus the saga of Mr Bump continues...