Diary of a Dart Player by Andy Relf – Andy sets off on a polar expedition to Wigan for the PDC Qualifying School!

At the time of writing I am preparing for what looks like could turn into a polar adventure!

I am heading off to Wigan this evening (Wednesday) to take part in the PDC Qualifying School which, if I am successful, will give me a tour card to play in all PDC events for the next two years. There are 311 people entered, and only four go through each day. I’ve made the last eight each year so far, so one final effort this year and it will be third time lucky.

Back on the local front, our superleague team won 6-3 against the Newhaven Engineer. That was with no help from me at all, after I put in a shocking display and lost my match! That was disappointing, as I’d practised with my team mate Joe Davis before the game, and beat him very convincingly. That obviously spurred Joe on, as he won and I didn’t.

In the Heathfield league last Friday #teamwheel – as we are now known to trend on Twitter, put in a superb performance against the Runt in Tun.

We had a score to settle, as this team had turned us over to win the Herbert Cup a few weeks previous. It isn’t very often that a team wins 12-0 in the league, especially away from home, but that is what we did. That puts us in a great position to take the league title this year, as we were considerably ahead even before this result.

So that leaves the small matter of Wigan… I’m hoping for a top performance on Thursday, because if I manage to win through on day one, that means I can come home early on Friday, hopefully before the skies deposit a load of snow over the UK. This year will be tougher than other years, but on the whole I’m playing well.

Finally I had some good news last Friday, when my long term sponsors Red Dragon Darts offered me another two year contract. That was a great boost to me, as I didn’t have the best 2012. I need to repay them now by playing how I know I can. The Eastbourne Open at the Winter Garden is soon, that too is backed by Red Dragon. Let’s hope for a good run there too.