DIARY OF A DART PLAYER – Where Andy takes his favourite route through UK’s M-ways!

LAST weekend saw me take my favourite route through the UK motorway network to Birmingham, just to see how long it would take this time! It’s a great game, see what your Sat Nav tells you, then add two hours!

After arriving I walked off to the National Indoor Arena to give Adrian Gray some support in the Euro Qualifying tournament (I didn’t enter as I’m away when the tournament takes place).

Five minutes into my 10 minute walk, a large black cloud emptied its contents on top of me, so I was soaked by the time I arrived.

Once the darts was over Adi, Steve’o’ (Ted Hankey’s manager), our pal Tom and I headed to the city centre to find a pub to cheer on England.

The place was packed, but a great atmosphere. I met up with my room-mate, Justin Pipe later, and got a good sleep before the competitions ahead.

My opponent on Saturday would be Nigel Heydon – a player who has really had some great runs since joining the PDC a couple of years ago. I went 2-0 up, and had darts to go four up, but Nigel checked out a 136 and a 128 while I was on a double.

In another fantastic match, I missed chances to finish off my opponent, not least a 167, where I missed the bull to save the game.

I’ll take the positives from it, as a while ago I wasn’t getting the chances – now I just need to take them when they are there.

Sunday was a strange day, I practised well, but then my form disappeared in the match. I felt I played badly and missed too many shots at doubles – which I obviously did, as I lost, but even so, I only lost 6-4.

On another day when I’m playing well, that will be a win. So the next step for me is to close out matches when under pressure. I’ll be practising my finishing constantly now. Scoring isn’t an issue; I can keep up with most people.