Diary of a Dart Player with Andy Relf

A VERY quiet week on the darting front has only seen me enter into competitive battle once in seven days.

Superleague on Wednesday saw our Railway Club team from Eastbourne head over to Rileys in Brighton, for what can only be described as a mid table clash. For the second week running we are also short of players!

I spent the evening practising, and watching the England game against Denmark out of the corner of my eye. Funny, England seem to look better if you don’t watch them full on!

From the nice bright practice board, I head up some steps to the match board which is in a separate room… a sinister looking place with blood red walls, very dark, with the only light being the spotlights on the board itself.

As I step up for my first throw at the board, it reminds me of raiding the fridge in the night… pitch black kitchen, with the bright light blinding you when you open the door!

I’m happy to say that once my game got underway, I just played the board, and ignored the surroundings.

My first leg was a 12-darter, checking out on 149 to win it. From then, for the second week running, I hit a superb first leg, and then slipped into mediocrity as my opponent seemed to deflate after my first leg. I win my game 3-1, and take the man of the match award for the third consecutive match. I’m happy with that.

Our undermanned team also won the match, which was a great result also. Special mention to Dan Smith who drove me down to Brighton, and played the last game to make up the numbers. He had a great win, with the second highest average of the night, shame that it couldn’t count, as he’s not a regular player.

On the PDC front, I shall now be preparing for the first UK Open qualifier in Barnsley at the end of the month, and really can’t wait to be involved again.

By the time you read this, I shall have been to the opening night of the Premier League Darts at the 02 in London. This will hopefully be a great spectacle, a massive crowd, and some superb darts as well. A little report on that next week for you.