Diary of a Dart Player with Andy Relf

LAST week’s diary might have sounded a bit negative from me, to be honest it was, but it was how I felt! I don’t need to tell any of you that sometimes things get to you, and no matter what you do, you can’t change it. I’ll thank Mr Thomas for reminding me of that... you made me have a rethink.

Well I’ve decided to leave all the negativity elsewhere and concentrate fully on darts when I have the opportunity. I’m not getting as much practice as I’d like, but what I am doing seems to be paying off... it’s only been a few hours here and there, but the game seems to have kicked back into action for me.

The only competitive darts that I’ve played in the last seven days was in the Cracker League, in a fours competition – The Conrad Whyman Cup at the Woolpack in Herstmonceux. Our team consisted of myself, Tony Cox, Jim Clowes, and a last-minute replacement, Paul Hemsley.

A fours competition is never very conducive to good quality darts, as you have to wait for the other seven people to throw before it is your turn again... not ideal for gaining consistency.

The hall was packed out in the early stages, and despite not playing particularly well all evening, we seemed to do just enough in each match to get the result. I seemed to hit big scores when it mattered, and Jim threw at the double 16 as if he had a magnet attached! He hit it three times throughout the evening – each time only having one shot at it. Throughout the evening Paul was unlucky to miss a 107 outshot at one point, with Coxy nailing the winning double in the final against Mog’s Mob.

As I said earlier, it is a team game, and each of us played a part in a win where we had to beat some great teams along the way.

It was really nice to actually win something again... it has been a while; playing in the PDC you have to accept that unless you have some major good fortune, and have the games of your life all in one day, you aren’t going to win when the likes of Taylor, Wade and Anderson are on the entry list. But, never say never, they are all there to be beaten.

So, with my confidence and my mood about darts boosted again, I am playing in Crawley this weekend in the PDC Players Championship at the K2 Centre.

This is without a doubt my favourite venue we play at in all the tournaments in the UK, and the best thing of all, it is 40 minutes from home!

I hope next week I’ll be able to report on a good weekend of darts.

I’m due one!