Diary of a Dart Player with Andy Relf

SORRY there was no diary last week; unfortunately my wife had to go into hospital for what was supposed to be a pretty routine operation, but she ended up having much more serious surgery and spent much longer in a hospital bed than we had expected.

So although I’ve been playing darts, I’m afraid they have been the least of my worries for the last week or so... finding out how the washing machine works, what day the dustbin goes out – oh, the stress!

In the Hailsham Harvey league, we had two losses. Firstly a 5-4 defeat at the hands of the Kings Head South Road – this was not too bad a result considering we didn’t have a full team and had to give away points.

Then this week, we lost to Mog’s Mob 6-3, I played against Todd Rainsley, and had a good win, then in the pairs was drawn against Steve Tack and Nigel Haigh.

Now, I think Nigel was rather keen to get his name in the column this week, as he crept up behind me whilst I was chatting at the bar and began whispering in my ear and stroking my arm, asking whether he could get a mention... he needn’t have gone to such lengths, as I would have put a mention in anyway, to report on his score of three in his pairs match against myself and Jim Clowes. I’m glad to say we won the leg.

It was a good night despite the result, with some good banter – what darts should be like in local leagues.

In the Superleague I’ve been playing well, but not getting results.

In some ways this season has been my worst in Superleague, I have now played eight matches and have won four and lost four. I’ve been hitting 26 averages consistently, but seem to draw the best game out of my opponents and end up losing!

Last week, despite a great team win against Lewes, I lost in a decider against Darren Banks, my average 26.01 and his around 23.00!

This week I played against Paul Eves and, despite hitting a 26 average again, Paul took the win.

I wasn’t particularly in the greatest frame of mind for darts, as I’d had to take poor Kristina back down the hospital again earlier – her cut from surgery had got an infection, and had burst, and she wasn’t feeling very well at all.

This was a great match though, and I have the utmost respect for Paul; he is a great county player, and we’ve been in the same team before. We always have a bit of a battle.

Hopefully, things will start getting back to normal from now on, and perhaps my winning form will return as well – it just goes to show that if your mind isn’t fully on what you are doing, you will get beaten. And I don’t like getting beaten!