Diary of a Dart Player with Andy Relf

HAVING spent the weekend watching how the game should be played courtesy of Mr Taylor in the World Matchplay, it was time to put what I’d learned into practice on Tuesday.

The Kings Head were up against tough opponents, the Runt in Tun from Heathfield.

With our team not performing as it can all season, there was probably a bit of negativity in the air before the game, but how different one night can be from another!

On the night we all pulled our game together and managed to take a great win over the league contenders. The highlight of the evening being a 104 outshot from John Davidson… not sure I’d have gone for the 4 first like he did, but he still took it out.

He did admit that he was aiming at an 18 when he hit it… we won’t tell anyone though.

So into Superleague on Wednesday and we are at home to Rye. Again, we are a team that hasn’t reached its potential this season, and I’m top of the blame list for that one, I’ve played really well, but not closed out games to win them.

Having gone 4-0 up on the night, I am on next and can win the overall match here and now. I storm off into the lead with a 14 dart leg, then have a spell of a dodgy few darts, but eventually win the game. I end up with a fairly poor average, but still win… it makes a change from having the highest average and losing I suppose!

Anyway, the Nomads were on a roll tonight, and took a fantastic 9 – 0 win. Man of the match was Mark Davis, and here’s hoping we can carry on that form next week against Hastings.

Finally, I suppose it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t a hospital involved somewhere along the line… so when I’ve finished this diary I’m off to have three MRI scans… one ankle and both knees!

I know that there is likely to be some sharp scalpel action going on soon, so I’m just hoping it won’t keep me out of darts for too long!