Diary of a Dart Player with Andy Relf

ONLY one week to go until my first PDC competition since May, and I am really looking forward to it. To say my summer of darts has been strange is an understatement; I still run with the highest average in our team, yet I’ve managed to lose 50 per cent of my matches!

I feel I am actually playing much better than I have ever played, but just not getting the results. This week for instance, the Nomads were away to Lewes, who are one of the strongest teams in Sussex, and I was drawn out eighth up against Reg Harding Junior. By the time I go on, our team has already won the overall match, so no pressure, just get up there, enjoy yourself, and win (hopefully).

Before we played, I was chatting with Reg about a game we played when I was turning out for the Hollington Oak in Hastings a couple of years ago. He said to me, “Please don’t hit two 180s like you did last time we played!” he was referring to our deciding leg where I hit the two maximums and took the win.

Reg won the first leg, then I started the second with a 180, followed up by a 97, then another 180! Reg was stood there laughing as I walked back…

I won that leg and we were all square. Reg took the third, then I was about to throw for my double when one of my own team – who appeared to have had a bit too much falling down juice – roared out a yell from behind me about something totally non-dart related; needless to say, I launched my last dart miles from the double.

I lost the match, spat my dummy out for a couple of minutes then got over it – not much else I could do really! The noisy culprit, skulked over and apologised, I accepted it, but was still mad – more with myself, for letting it get to me if I’m honest. Anyway, I still had second best average on the night, with our own Dan Waller taking Man of the Match. We have one more match left this season, and I just want this season over, so that I can get on with the next one and start afresh.

In the Harvey League, our Kings Head team produced a good performance to win against the White Hart.

So, now to practice hard to prepare for a return to the PDC action. That environment draws the best from my game, I wouldn’t mind a little bit of luck to go with it as well, though.