Diary of a Dart Player with Andy Relf

No competitive darts for me this week due to the Bank Holiday, but I’ve spent a bit of time trying to perfect the art of chucking again. The outcome?

I’m going to try using a different set of darts, as I seem to have lost a bit of confidence in my usual set. This may only be a short-lived change, as I usually tend to revert back after a week, but I have to try. The set I’ve been practising with I have owned for over 20 years, but never used them in anger!

So this week sees the start of the new Superleague season, and I will be playing for a new team; the trouble is I still haven’t decided who I’m going to play for yet! I’m torn between two teams and don’t want to let either down!

By the time you read this I will have been at the Brighton Centre for the Premier League Darts. I’ll be one of the minority cheering Gary Anderson. He doesn’t get much support in England being a Scot, but as he’s given me and Kris guest passes, we’ll cheer him all the way.

That’s it for this week, let’s hope these ‘new’ darts work!