Diary of a Dart Player with Andy Relf: are we about to see the birth of Robodart Relf?

JPTP-16-11-11 TV FILM ROBOCOP''Peter Weller as Robocop
JPTP-16-11-11 TV FILM ROBOCOP''Peter Weller as Robocop
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No league darts last week gave us the opportunity to run an in-house round robin tournament.

It was a good chance to get a bit of decent practice for me, as for the last couple of months I haven’t really been practising.

A re-dislocated shoulder – and a right knee that is currently awaiting a second opinion before they turn me into Robodart by fitting a new knee – is not the best situation to be in when trying to play this game.

Getting back into it didn’t take long. I played well all night apart from in the semi-final, where I missed a few shots at doubles to allow Dennis Sains to take the win. He went on to win the final against Paul Telford. I managed a 13-darter on the night, and also took the highest outshot.

I’ve been gradually playing longer and longer, and although things are hurting, I’m hoping a bit of weight loss and a healthier lifestyle might help a little... well that is the plan!

Great to see my pal Adrian Gray have a good run at the UK Open in Bolton last weekend.

Although Adi lost in the fourth round, it was at the hands of Phil Taylor who went on to win the tournament. I’ve been saying I want to qualify for that competition for years – hopefully I’ll be in a better state of fitness next year, and that I can give a real good go.

This week sees the Tally Ho at home to my old team Rileys. On paper it should be close, but on the board it can be completely different.

We are still top of the division. Hopefully we can extend our lead further this week.

Pictured: how Andy might look as Robodart Relf.