Diary of a Dart Player with Andy Relf – February 15

There is something about me in Superleague matches that seems to be cursed at the moment... it seems like every week in a random draw I get pulled out as last to go on, and I live the furthest away!

As not many of our players seem overly happy with doing the computer scoring duties, I volunteer to do the first three matches from the comfy seats with the best view. Well, it’s the best view if your team are winning anyway!

The team found itself 5-1 down after six matches, and that was the points gone for us. We battled hard to bring it back for a 5 – 4 result winning the last 4 matches, including my own, which was a 3-0. Our opponents Newhaven feature many of the Sussex team, so it was always going to be hard, but we just aren’t pulling the results out at the moment. This week we are at home to Hailsham, we only have three matches left now this season – two of these against Hailsham, so we need to put some good performances together to stay as close to the top as possible.

In the Heathfield League on Friday, we were at home to the Runt-in-Tun in a Seamer Cup match. In a very short format of first to 4 points we were getting a bit worried when we found ourselves 2-1 down. Not to worry though, we came back and won our way through to the Semi Finals which are being held this Friday. With the league title all but in our hands, it would be good to win the cup as well.