Diary of a Dart Player with Andy Relf – surgery is the only option to cure shoulder problem

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Well, it seems like any participation in darts is going to have to be put on hold for a while for yours truly.

It has been established by a specialist that surgery is the only option for curing the problem within my shoulder.

The extent of the injury – and indeed the required repair work – won’t be known until he has a look inside.

The operation is scheduled for mid-August, and although I’ll be up and out of hospital the same day, I won’t be able to even think about throwing a dart until just before Christmas.

That will hopefully give me enough time to get a bit of practice in so that I can attend the PDC Qualifying School in mid-January.

So due to my left-hand typing speed being absolutely awful, I’m going to have to restrict the Diary to a monthly report until I’m back playing again.

I’ll still be going to our Superleague matches, and will be able to report on our progress towards the title, just not as often. That’s it for now then, I’ll write my first report after my argument with a scalpel, and give you all the gory details!

So, until the next time, have a great few weeks of (hopefully!) unrelenting sunshine. Keep an eye out for my next installment.