Diary of a darts player by Andy Relf - First throw of 180 sets the tone

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ONLY A bit of local darts to write about this week, first up being a match for the Wheel at Burwash in the Heathfield league.

Good omen for the night was getting the darts out of the case and throwing a 180 with the first throw!

Some familiar faces were on show for the opposition of Heathfield Park Cricket Club, most notably Henry Grant and George Campbell.

These two are infamous in the league, and I have many funny memories of them from their past antics, particularly when they won a cup in the Three Cups a few years ago...it seems that winning trophies makes your legs go all wobbly!

Anyway, I managed to win my singles and my doubles matches and even lobbed a 180 in just for good measure. The team won 9–3 so a great performance by all of them.

The other match was in the Harvey League on Tuesday night, playing for the Kings Head in Horsebridge away to the Runt in Tun.

Our first two matches have been lost in a last leg decider, this time the tables were turned, and we took the deciding leg and ultimately our first win of the season.

This weekend I travel to Wigan for another PDC weekend, and I really do need to take my practice game to the match board.

Then on the way home, we stop off at Oulton Park for a bit of British Superbikes.

Apparently there is a wedding on somewhere this Friday, hopefully that means the roads will be clear for the trip to Wigan!