Diary of a Darts Player with Andy Relf

THIS week has been a quiet one on the playing front. Last Friday our Burwash Wheel side produced a solid performance sealing a win over the Runt in Tun in the Heathfield League. This week sees us in the Seamer Cup semi-final, this time away at the Runt in Tun. Hopefully we’ll be solid again, and see our way to the final.

In Superleague, we had our penultimate match of the season at home to the Newhaven Engineer. I arrived in the venue and was greeted with a “you are on first.” So, with no warm up, it was straight into it! I pulled off a 3-0 win, and still remain unbeaten this season with one match to go. The team won 8-1, meaning that just one point against Bexhill next week will see us win the division. As for the remainder of my time this week, I’ve been practising with a new stem and flight set up, and I’m pretty optimistic that it is one that works. I have my darts flying much straighter, and also with better grouping, so hopefully I can hone this a bit more in time for the Pro Tour events in Reading next month.

Well that was short and sweet this week, hopefully next week I’ll be able to give you a report on the Sussex Superleague Champions for the East Division. If you are really unlucky, I might even put in a team photograph!