Diary of a Darts Player with Andy Relf

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OUR last superleague match of the summer league was a home game against the Eastbourne DGH.

We put in a pretty solid performance, taking a 6-3 win on the night. My own game on the night was OK ... I had fallen asleep in the chair when I got home from work, and was a bit late leaving. I got to Brighton, had a couple of minutes’ practice – and then got drawn out first match on! I took a 3-0 win but I wasn’t exactly on fire ... at least my finishing was good, which was a confidence boost.

Over the weekend, I and Kristina headed off to York for a day out on a steam express train. It was a great day out, but how did they cope on trains without air-conditioning? A funny announcement was made on the way... we cannot carry on to Scarborough as the driver doesn’t know the way!

It didn’t bother us as we wanted to get off in York, but I had assumed that, with a train travelling on rails, knowing the way wasn’t overly important! Monday took me over to Hastings for the next night of the singles league.

I was due to play two matches and both of my opponents I knew well from superleague. First up was Simon Smith. I was scoring well and when it came to the important point my finishing was good again. I came away with a 5-1 win.

I was more than happy with that. The second game was against Ray Tutin, again we had played in superleague recently, and he’d pushed me all the way in that match.

I started strongly again, and this seemed to demoralise him a bit, and again I won 5-1. Against players of this quality, I’m happy with my night’s work.