Don’t make me angry... you wouldn’t like playing me when I’m angry! Diary of a Darts Player with Andy Relf

I’M back after a great week away on the Isle of Arran in Scotland... fully refreshed and raring to go... let’s not push it too much, but I did have a superb holiday.

The night before I left for Scotland I played in the Rob Cannings Memorial Cup at the Heathfield Park Cricket Club.

Apparently there were a few people muttering about why I would bother turning up for a comp like this, but they were soon put in their place when they were informed by someone that Rob was a friend of mine.

As always, there was a great turnout, with around 70 players made up from friends, family and members of the Heathfield League.

I was really up for the competition, as comments about my appearance had riled me a bit.

This obviously inspired me, as I played really well all night and, having knocked out Peter Reed, Henry Grant and a potential banana skin by the name of Rowena, went on to reach the final against Richard Harwood without anyone actually having a shot at a double against me.

This form continued into the final, and, despite a hard game, I closed it out for the win, this time denying Richard a shot at a double.

The trophy was presented to me by members of Rob’s family, and great speech by Henry Grant announced that £110 had been made on the night, and this would be donated to the Poppy Appeal.

After a week of touring the Isle of Arran, and cake tasting in every coffee shop, it was back to darts on Tuesday, with the Kings Head at home to the Horam Inn.

I played well in a win against my old Superleague team mate Graham Berwick, but sadly that was the only win we had all night, and a very strong Horam team went on to win 8-1.

Wednesday night, our Brighton Nomads were at another team from Brighton, the Newmarket.

Having won 7-2 whilst I was away, the team were confident, and by the time I went on in the eighth match of the night, we were already 6-1 ahead.

I was playing Sussex assistant manager Geoff Taylor, a very good player, and he showed this by going 2-1 ahead.

At this point I wasn’t playing well, and looked like losing, until one of my team mates annoyed me so much, that it angered me to a win.

From the moment he interrupted me whilst throwing – and that I’d let him know that I wasn’t overly happy with him – I played like a demon.

I went on to win 3-2, and turned a below par performance into one that won me the man of the match award!

I did make up with my team mate afterwards.

I know he didn’t mean it, but it annoyed me at the time.

I’m going to take him everywhere now, as I play much better when I’m angry!

The team won 8-1, and hopefully that will set us up for a good match next week against league leaders Lewes.