Dripping Yarns with David Arnold – Enfield banner boys enjoy high jinks... on a Mountfield Road balcony!

Enfield on balcony
Enfield on balcony

I ALWAYS have a look at what visiting supporters have to say about Lewes FC in the days following a league or cup game against their team at the Dripping Pan.

Whatever the result, the away fans almost always report on a favourable experience. On the opening day of the season we played Enfield Town who made the journey down from North London. Unfortunately we lost by two goals to one.

But my disappointment at the result was greatly tempered when I read the following posting on Enfield’s fans forum thecoldend.

It read: “What a fantastic day out at Lewes we all had on Saturday afternoon. The Dripping Pan is a great non-league ground and the welcome the travelling fans received from the Lewes faithful was what our level of football is all about. Fans mixed throughout the game and there was even a mobile hot pie salesman roaming the picturesque stadium during the game.

“One of the best moments came when two of the travelling supporters managed to persuade a local resident to let them into his top floor flat so they could hang their flag off the balcony which overlooked the ground.”

The pictorial evidence of this cheeky deed is displayed here for all to see. I have to admit it was quite a coup on the part of the Enfield fans but if any flags go up there in future I hope it will be in support of the Rooks and not the visitors.

Now, I haven’t been to Enfield’s ground but will most certainly be going along when we play them on Saturday March 2 next year.

That gives our own travelling fans a suitable interval in which to flag up an irreverent riposte.

On the other hand, do we need to do anything given the knowledge that Enfield’s home is the grandly named Queen Elizabeth Stadium located in... Donkey Lane!

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