Dripping Yarns with David Arnold: Harry Holford update

Dripping Yarns March 8
Dripping Yarns March 8
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Readers may remember a piece I wrote earlier this year about a gentleman called Harry Holford.

Harry did a great deal of good work on behalf of Lewes FC for some 30 years up to his untimely death in 1962.

His contribution was honoured with a memorial photograph that was presented to the club by the then Mayor of Lewes, Miss Anne Dumbrell, in September 1963.

Though I conducted a search and made various enquiries I wasn’t able to locate that photograph and couldn’t ascertain what had happened to it.

So that seemed to be the unsatisfactory end of the matter. But then, out of the blue, I was contacted by Lewes resident Trevor Head who had read the story and wished to let me know that Harry Holford was his grandfather.

Further, would I like to meet his Mum, Pauline, who he was sure would be delighted to talk to me about her late father who had passed away when she was just 17?

So it came about that I spent a convivial hour last Saturday morning in the company of Pauline and her husband Bill, together with Trevor and his son Daniel.

The fruits of that session will be dished up in next week’s Yarns.

For now though I can’t help but boast of my sleuthing prowess in tracking down – if not the missing original Harry Holford photograph – then at least a photograph where Harry’s portrait appears on the wall in the background!

Before my visit to the Head household I took another look through my collection of Lewes FC memorabilia. The photograph reproduced here caught my eye.

It was taken at the club 30 years ago. Though I recognised several of the people lined up, it was the picture on the wall in the centre that intrigued me.

I had a feeling it might just be Harry Holford. My hunch proved to be correct.

When Pauline saw the photograph, she at once confirmed that that was indeed her father on the wall!

What I did next was to arrange for some photoshop wizardry (thank you to Lewes FC PA man Bob Mayston) that enabled us to reconstruct the portrait in full; the resulting image now appears inset at bottom right.

Hopefully, someone may see this and come forward with information as to the whereabouts of the original.

That would certainly make a happy ending to next week’s column.

Meanwhile, let me identify the Lewes FC folk lined up in the main photograph.

In the back row (left to right) are Derrick Parris, Eric Hockey, Bill Bleach, Peter Blackman and Vic Blunt.

Seated in front we see Peter Hiscox, Tom Carr, Gordon Fowlie and Mick Webster.

Thirty years on and Derrick and Peter remain still very much involved with the Rooks, being respectively the Treasurer and Chairman of the Lewes FC Supporters Club.