Eagles bounce back from back-to-back away defeats to beat Bees at Arlington

Eastbourne Lifestyle Eagles secured a convincing victory 51-39 victory at Arlington on Saturday night against Coventry Bees at the end of a difficult week on the road.

The Arlington outfit near enough reversed the scoreline from the reverse fixture the night before, when Eastbourne went down 52-38 up at Coventry’s track. That followed the Eagles’ painful 62-31 humbling at Birmingham on the Wednesday evening.

Fortunes in Saturday’s match swung both ways until heat 12 with both teams taking turns to be in front.

The decisive moment came in heat 13 when Bjarne Pedersen and Cameron Woodward defeated the Coventry top two. That put clear water between the teams and when Simon Gustafsson and Lukas Dryml repeated the 5-1 medicine in heat 14 the match was won.

Coventry were still in a position to snatch a losing “bonus league” point but that hope evaporated as Pedersen again zipped away to victory with Woodward getting the better of Scott Nicholls in a thrilling race.

Early on the racing surface was difficult with riders making mistakes, leading to a whole series of thrilling heats. Constant work on the track smoothed out the problems and after that the Eagles hit top gear.

They went into the match without Timo Lahti, who was riding in a world under 21 championship meeting in Poland, and Adam Shields who suffered concussion after a crash the night before at Coventry. Shields was replaced by Lewis Bridger and rider replacement was used for Lahti.


Eagles: Cameron Woodward 13 + 1 (6), Bjarne Pedersen 11+1 (5), Simon Gustafsson 11+1 (5), Lukas Dryml 7+2 (6), Lewis Bridger 7+1 (5), Denis Gizatullin 2+1 (4), rider replacement for Timo Lahti - 51

Bees: Scott Nicholls 12 (6), Krzysztof Kasprzak 11(5), Grzegorz Zengota 9+1 (5), Michal Szczepaniak 4+1 (5), Aaron Summers 3+2 (5), Stuart Robson 0 (4) - 39