Eagles line-up for 2013 is complete

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Eastbourne Lifestyle Eagles’ team for the 2013 season is complete with the signing of Simon Gustafsson and Timo Lahti.

They join Bjarne Pedersen, Adam Shields, Simon Gustafsson, Cameron Woodward, Lukas Dryml and Denis Gizatullin whose signings have previously been announced.

Team manager and co-promoter Trevor Geer said: “There’s room for plenty of improvement throughout the whole team and our fans can look forward to an exciting season.

“I once again expect us to be challenging for an end-of-season play-off spot.”

Geer said Lahti, last year’s rider-of-the-year, had made tremendous progress since he came to Eastbourne at Easter 2011.

“Timo is a quick learner and is always riding. That’s why he has made such great progress. Of course, it will be harder for him as he starts the season in the main body of the team, rather than as one of our reserves. However, I think he will adapt and continue his rise to the top.

“Simon Gustafsson is still improving and working hard this winter to make sure he has a marvellous season in 2013. He is focusing hard on the season ahead and Simon’s performances are still on the up.”

Geer tied up the details of bringing both Gustafsson and Lahti back to Arlington at the weekend.

He said: “We have managed to sign the riders we wanted for 2013. This is a strong team and everyone will win races and score heavily.

“There will be fierce competition to stay out of the reserve berths but that is great from our point of view. Whoever is at reserve is capable of being a trump card.”

Supporters are reminded that the fans’ forum will be on February 10 (11am) at the stadium clubroom. A staff meeting will be held that day at 10am.

The official practice will be on March 16 from 12.45pm. Supporters are invited to attend and see their favourites complete preparations for the season.