Eagles respond to co-promotor’s criticism as they return to winning ways against Poole

The under-fire Eastbourne Lifestyle Eagles returned to winning ways on Saturday night with a decisive home win over south coast rivals Poole.

Senior co-promoter Bob Dugard had warned the team to shape up or face being shipped out.

Since his comments, the Eagles have responded with a surprise away league point gained at Swindon last Thursday and now comfortably seeing off the Dorset outfit.

There is no doubt the results are brighter but there is still room for improvement.

On Saturday at Arlington, the Eagles romped into an early lead, wobbled around the interval to then close out the meeting in decisive fashion.

Lukas Dryml and Cameron Woodward were the stars for the home team and they gave virtually as good as they got again the visitors’ much vaunted “turbo twins” – world champion Chris Holder and former under 21 world champion, Darcy Ward.

The only disappointing thing was that another former under 21 winner, Maciej Janowski, failed to make it to the UK having ridden in Poland the day before. Holder and Ward were in the same Polish meeting and were at Eastbourne and back in Poland on Sunday to ride again.


Eagles: Lukas Dryml 14(5), Cameron Woodward 12+2(5), Bjarne Pedersen 8+1(5), Denis Gizatullin 6(4), Timo Lahti 6(4), Simon Gustafsson 5(4), Adam Shields 2(3). – 53

Pirates: Chris Holder 15(5), Darcy Ward 11(5), Dawid Stachyra 4+1(4), Thomas Jorgensen 4+1(4), Richie Worrall (Guest for Maciej Janowski) 4(4), Kyle Newman 3(4), Dennis Andersson 1(4). - 42