Eagles scour Europe to find replacement for Lampart

EASTBOURNE Speedway are scouring Europe to find a new team member to replace Pole Dawid Lampart.

His Polish club has withdrawn “start permission” for him to ride in England, meaning the Lifestyle Eagles have had to move within days of the season beginning to change their team.

At the time of writing, there was no news as to who was in the frame to step in.

Bob Dugard is heading the search and it looks extremely likely that any newcomer will be a continental rider, as few – if any – British names stand out as possible candidates.

In the meantime, Eastbourne will continue to use No 8 Taylor Poole to fill the gap.

He made an encouraging Elite League debut last Saturday against Belle Vue and showed he is prepared to mix it and race hard; an attribute which won him plenty of fans at Arlington. Unfortunately, he cannot ride this Saturday against Birmingham because his Premier League team Ipswich are in action at Newport.

Eastbourne have turned to Newcastle Lubos Tomicek to step in.

Saturday’s visitors to Arlington, Birmingham, stepped up to the Elite League this year so it is a rare – and welcome – event for Eastbourne fans to see a new team.

They are led by, Krzysztof Kasprzak, who has left many trailing in his wake around the Eastbourne track in previous visits.

He’s backed by Danny King – the former Ipswich man. Also in their line-up is Lukas Dryml’s brother, Ales, and Daniel Nermark, who had a short spell with Eastbourne a couple of years ago.

Last Saturday’s match against Belle Vue turned into a real struggle for the Eagles but they came out on top in the end. There appears to be plenty of resolve in the home camp at the moment and the team responded well to the pressure put on them by the Manchester side.

Some previous Eastbourne teams have crumbled in similar circumstances but the current Eagles kicked on, exploited the visitor’s weaknesses and snuffed out the threat.

On paper, Birmingham should not prove such a stiff challenge but team manager Trevor Geer would do well to warn his charges of the danger of complacency.

Match in a nutshell

Eastbourne 54 Belle Vue 39

Three league points for the Eagles but the scoreline rather flattered the home side. Belle Vue conceded two 5-1s in the last two races. Big scores for Rory Schlein and Chris Harris held the home side at bay until the later stages. Eagles also threw points away with some falls.

Best moment: Cam Woodward and Bjarne Pedersen going either side of the previously unbeaten Rory Schlein – Roo Boy didn’t know which way to look and within a second he had gone from first to third.

Controversy: Patrick Hougaard’s exclusion in heat ten for unfair riding. My view was that referee Paul Carrington got it spot on. Hougaard clattered into the side of Dryml and moved him totally off-line.

Controversy 2: In the re-run Dryml got into some difficulties down the back straight leading him to squeeze his former team-mate, Ricky Kling, up against the fence. Kling raised his arm in protest as he slowed. My view was from the other side of the track and it certainly looked as if Kling was not given much (if any) room to race. Carrington let the heat continue but it must have been a tight decision.