Eagles spring a surprise to claim a point against Brum

Cameron Woodward led the Eastbourne Lifestyle Eagles to a surprisingly good performance at Birmingham on Wednesday evening.

The Eagles eventually went down 48-46 but the result was good enough to earn one league point and prevent the home team going top of the Elite League.

Captain Woodward, fresh from his speedway world cup exploits, scored 16 +1 points from six rides on a night when the whole team fired away from home, a most unusual occurrence in 2013.

Eastbourne started well and then fell away mid-match; such a familiar story this year on their travels. However, they then stunned the home fans with 5-1s in heats 13 and 14 to give them a chance of victory but in the final race Birmingham clung on.

Scorers: Brum: Martin Smolinski 10+1(5), Nico Covatti 8+1(5), Ben Barker 7(4), Danny King 7(4), Jason Doyle 6+1(4), Chris Harris 6(5), Josh Auty 4+1(3) - 48 Eastbourne: Cameron Woodward 16+1(6), Bjarne Pedersen 9+2(5), Simon Gustafsson 8(5), Timo Lahti 6+2(6), Kim Nilsson 6+1(5), Kyle Newman (Guest for Denis Gizatullin) 1(3), Rider Replacement for Lukas Dryml – 46