Ealges slump to heavy defeat at Wolverhampton

Eastbourne Speedway team slumped to a heavy defeat at Wolverhampton last night (Monday).

They went down 59-34 in a match characterised by 5-1 heat wins. Of the 11 recorded on the night, nine went the way of the home side.

Eastbourne used King’s Lynn Rory Schlein as a guest replacement for the unwell Bjarne Pedersen, who had flu-like symptons and pulled out of a meeting in Poland on Sunday. He top scored with 11 points, which included a double points tactical ride win in heat five.

The early season woes of some of the Eagles continued in what was a poor night all round.

Timo Lahti and Simon Gustafsson have yet to get going this year and their form is a real worry. It was not a good night for Adam Shields and Denis Gizatullin but at least they were much brighter in last week’s 12-point defeat at King’s Lynn.

On Thursday, the Eagles go to defending champions Swindon who are sweeping all before them at this stage of the season.

On present form, to say that the Eagles are unlikely to make much of an impression is something of an understatement.

Scorers: Wolves: Tai Woffinden 14+1(5), Ty Proctor 10+2(5), Ludvig Lindgren 8+1(4), Jacob Thorssell 7+3(4), Fredrik Lindgren 7+2(4), Ricky Wells 7+1(4), Adam Skornicki 6(4). - 59

Eagles: Rory Schlein (Guest for Bjarne Pedersen) 11(5), Cameron Woodward 8+1(5), Lukas Dryml 4(4), Adam Shields 3+1(4), Simon Gustafsson 3+1(4), Denis Gizatullin 3(4), Timo Lahti 2(4). – 34.