Eastbourne Eagles 47, Wolverhampton 46 Peterborough 54, Eastbourne 39

Eastbourne 47, Wolverhampton 46

This really was the proverbial match of two halves. In the opening heats the Eastbourne team quickly ran up a lead which stood at ten points at the half-way stage.

That brought in Wolverhampton’s Freddie Lindgren as a double-points tactical ride.

Lindgren scooted off to victory - worth six points - and with brother Ludvig third; that was a 7-2 heat win for the visitors. It could have been worse had Cameron Woodward not forced his way past Ludvig in the final stages of the race.

Wolves really turned the pressure on and nosed in front, only for the Eagles to re-establish a one point lead going into the final heat.

The Eagles No1 Bjarne Pedersen didn’t buckle under pressure and eased away from the field for the three points to secure victory.

One notable feature of the match was that the Eagles’ reserve Lukas Dryml took five rides on the trot at the end of the meeting; an almost unheard of turn of events.

Eastbourne were pleased to get a narrow win but there were question marks over the performance of some team members, particularly Adam Shields and Simon Gustafsson.

Scorers: Eagles: Bjarne Pedersen 13(5), Lukas Dryml 12(7), Cameron Woodward 8(4), Denis Gizatullin 7+2(4), Timo Lahti 5+1(4), Adam Shields 2(3), Simon Gustafsson 0(3). – 47

Wolves: Fredrik Lindgren 14(5), Tai Woffinden 10+2(5), Ludvig Lindgren 8+1(7), Ricky Wells 5+3(5), Jacob Thorssell 5(5), Adam Skornicki 4(3), Rider Replacement for Ty Proctor. - 46

The narrow win at Arlington followed a defeat at Peterborough on Friday night (54-39).

Eastbourne made a bright start and edged into the lead but then fell away badly.

Three 5-1s on the bounce did for the Eagles.

Ryan Fisher and Dakota North paired up for the first of these in heat eight, leaving Timo Lahti and Denis Gizatullin trailing.

Norbert Kosciuch and Keni Larsen followed suit, demonstrating similar dominance over Lukas Dryml and Adam Shields in the ninth before Fisher and Kenneth Bjerre did likewise with another powerhouse maximum, this coming at the expense of Cameron Woodward and Simon Gustafsson, who up to that point had shown impressive form.

Peterborough: Kenneth Bjerre 13+1(5), Kenni Larsen 8+2(4), Linus Sundstrom 7+3(5), Norbert Kosciuch 7+1(4), Ryan Fisher 7(4), Dakota North 6+1(4), Patrick Hougaard 6+1(4). – 54

Eastbourne: Bjarne Pedersen 12(5), Cameron Woodward 10+1(5), Lukas Dryml 5+1(4), Denis Gizatullin 5(4), Simon Gustafsson 2+1(4), Timo Lahti 2+1(4), Adam Shields 2(4). – 39