Fans raise £800 for Timo & Lewis

Lewis Blackbird
Lewis Blackbird

Team manager Trevor Geer feared a nightmare at Arlington Saturday night as he saw two of his riders take extremely heavy falls in the first two races.

In heat one, Timo Lahti lay full-length and motionless on the track on the pits bend and in race two reserve Lewis Blackbird took a similar heavy falls on turn four.

Timo Lahti

Timo Lahti

Geer said, “We knew Coventry were depleted and it was a match we knew we should win easily.

“When you see riders take falls like Timo and Lewis, you realise we would have been totally up against it had they been injured and pulled out of the meeting.”

Lahti and Blackbird were both down on the track for some time being treated by paramedics and later in the meeting Coventry’s Ryan Fisher also took a nasty fall.

Geer said: “When riders fall like that they have to be properly checked by the paramedic.

“When that is happening in the pits or medical room, we are not allowed to race as the paramedic must be out on the circuit.

“It does cause a delay to the racing but rider safety is paramount.”

Geer said Lahti and Blackbird’s bikes suffered damage costing hundreds of pounds to put right.

Supporters chipped in £800 to be shared by the duo in an impromptu collection at the interval.

“That was incredibly generous from the supporters and shows how highly they regard Timo and Lewis.

“Thanks to everyone who contributed.”

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