Five ladies and five men turn out for the Uckfield Runners on cold, bright day

Jo Oulton
Jo Oulton

It was cold but bright day which saw a good turnout from Uckfield Runners for the Crowborough 10k, with five ladies and five men featuring.

Crowborough is a very challenging 10k consisting of two laps each involving the steep climb up Palesgate Lane: the climb is just over 1km in length.

After the first lap Mark Slaughter and Graham West were leading the Uckfield Runners and stayed together until the top of the second Palesgate Lane climb at 9km.

However, Mark was then able to pull away over the last 1km to finish as first man for Uckfield Runners.

Jo Oulton (pictured) put in very strong run to finish as first lady for Uckfield runners followed by Jenny Graham.

The times for the 10 Uckfield runners are: Mark Slaughter 45.29, Graham West 46.15, Shaun Furlong 47.40, Jo Oulton 47.53, Ryan West 48.30, Jenny Graham 49.17, James Morrall 49.29, Kirsty Simpkins 54.35, Tanya Edmondson 55.57 (overall third lady in F60 - 60 to 65 age), Peter Wilkes 56.44, Sarah Ballinger 60.18.

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