Geer names full team for vital Belle Vue fixture

Eastbourne team manager Trevor Geer has named a full team for the vital fixture against Belle Vue on Saturday at Arlington.

Injured riders have returned to fitness during a lull in the Lifestyle Eagles’ fixtures.

He has, however, been forced into making changes to the line-up. Free-scoring reserve Timo Lahti has increased his average to such an extent this season that he now has a main team place with Lukas Dryml dropping to reserve.

The Eagles will line-up: 1 Joonas Kylmakorpi, 2 Timo Lahti, 3 Simon Gustafsson, 4 Cameron Woodward, 5 Lewis Bridger, 6 Lukas Dryml, 7 Denis Gizatullin.

Geer said: “This is a must-win match for us if we are to have any chance of making the play-offs. It is obviously good news that Joonas and Denis are back with us at this vital time.

“Timo deserves his promotion to a full-team place. We all had high hopes for him this year but his scoring has been a revelation even to us. His average is now higher than that of both Denis and Lukas and means he has a place in the body of the main team.”

Geer will use the same team on Monday at Belle Vue. “We are targeting four league points that night to put the pressure on the other teams chasing a top four finish,” he said.

The match at Arlington on Saturday is the last home match of the regular league season.

Further fixtures will depend on the Eagles qualifying for the play-offs.

Team averages (effective from September 1): Joonas Kylmakorpi 7.71; Lewis Bridger 6.96; Simon Gustafsson 6.56; Cameron Woodward 6.11; Timo Lahti 6.10; Lukas Dryml 5.71; Denis Gizatullin 4.16.